Mad Men

I am soooo behind the times. But how many shows can you watch? And if you're committed to a couple then the rest fall to the wayside.

But I had an opening in my TV schedule and I got into MAD MEN.

It is SO good!! It's my Downton Abbey a la the late 50's, early 60's.  I got such a kick out of it because I could see lots of mannerisms my Dad had --- and now I get it. This was his era --- and boy do you want a smoke and a scotch while you watch.

Just in case you are like me, and HAVEN'T watched ---- here's the scoop ---- Don Draper is the main character ---- he works in an advertising agency and makes the "big bucks". The office is filled with all men "workers" and all female secretaries. And the sexual harassment just flies. Any meeting is held with a pitcher of bloody maries and shrimp cocktails. And, even if it's only 11:00 am, feel free to bust into your friends office and pour yourself a drink. Then have another one at lunch and another during the afternoon. How did anyone get anything done?

Don has a wife and 2 kids in the "burbs". So  you're brought into her world ---- of having slippers, (another) scotch, and a home cooked meal when your husband arrives home. Times have changed, baby! I love hearing the banter among the women --- "a divorcee moved into the house down the street!" GASP!  "she has a job!" GASP (and these ladies are also smoking like chimneys too!) "I looked in her freezer --- there was frozen food --- so sad." "I've seen that woman walking. Walking! Where is she going? I don't understand" (they are referring to the divorcee who is walking for exercise and to clear her mind) GASP.

It's really fun to watch and there's such a good story line. I've heard there are some lack luster seasons ---- but I'm enjoying the first one!!