Merry Christamas

This was not *my year*.

You know how some years the shopping, the cards, the warm fuzzy holiday moments just seem to flow ? Well, that wasn't how it went this year. I don't know what happened. Or maybe too much was happening. Brian's travel picked up even more, I was trying to wrap up my sales job, and the kids were loaded up with holiday projects.

It just got here before I knew it.

But it was still wonderful. And very peaceful. And VERY relaxing.

Our school has such an awesome music teacher. I don't know how she puts it all together, but these performances are so cute!!! The costumes, choreography and music make you smile and tap your feet.

(of course, you always want to have a throw down with some of the parents who find it OK to keep their camera/cell phone raised up for the entire performance! Seriously?!!)