2014 Christmas letter

So....I was pretty late with everything this year. If you got your card before Christmas, consider yourself one of the chosen ones. Because most of my cards went out on the 24th! And I still have a handful of folks that I just couldn't reach out to because of their address change, etc.

I had high hopes of an amazing picture of the four of us ----- on the beach (because you need to make your friends jealous that you live minutes from the beach!), grinning from ear to ear and looking uber-healthy (I mean, you've got to make your friends jealous that you live in uber healthy SoCA! Land of the FIT!)

But.....reality hit hard. I never got my act together for that picture. We were lucky enough to grab THE last appointment with a fabulous photographer who is a Mom at our school. It was a cool, post-rainy morning and Brian and I looked like the kiss of death. Tired, pale, and not exactly like we live among the FIT. More like we're back ground actors for a dumpy 40-something spoof movie.

Our kids were less than pleased to be getting pictures taken at 8:30 am. on a Sunday. And much to William's annoyance --- we made him wear pants and shoes. He believes shoes are for school and sports and long pants are way too "itchy" and uncomfortable. His policy is shorts-ONLY!

Emily, our night owl, was less than pleased to be dressed up before 10:00 am on a non-school day. The sweet braid I had in her hair was undone moments before our session started.

I also wanted a great picture of Pearl with the kids. On our photographer's web site, she gave a thumbs up to bringing the family pets.

When we arrived for our session we had to wait about ten minutes for the family before us to finish up. Apparently, triplet girls didn't stop this family from getting it together for a holiday picture. I mean, all their outfits were totally coordinated --- Mom and two girls with red sweaters and sweet dresses --- while Dad and one girl were in light blue. Our photographer had them walking through the grass tossing fall leaves ----- I can only imagine how cute that card ended up.

So, picture our family unloading two miserable kids and a dog who is normally very chill, but has decided this is her day to act ape-shit crazy. And Brian and I are in sweats with our hair under caps.

And then the dog does the butt-scoot. A nice, long, butt wipe through the fall foliage.

Lets just say we walked away and let the Perfect Triplet Family finish up.

But I love our pictures. I think they turned out great. And the kids look very sweet together. Even Pearl turned it around and allowed a decent shot with the people that love her the most.

I guess Christmas miracles do happen!!!