True Tori

PLEASE tell me you watched it this past Tuesday?

It was one of the slower episodes, but there were some moments that only Tori and Dean could create.

OK --- I'm just going to jump in with a "sum up". Cheating-I've-Messed-Up-My-Life Dean has been asked back to cohost for a second season the show Chopped (filmed in that sinning country of Canada). Yep, back to the scene of the crime. And as you can imagine, Tori is absolutely out of her mind.

So, this episode opens up with a family photo shoot. In a guest bedroom of their house where Tori is getting a few shots of herself with family pictures spread out all over the bed she's sitting on. aaawwwww. Kids come in and they get a few more shots and scruffy Dean pops in and there's a few more shots and then they realize their first born kid isn't joining in. Of course, this catapults the drama into how "affected" this child has been and to think his Dad is about to abandon --- oops--- I mean leave for a few months for work again!! NOW YOUR WORRIED ABOUT YOUR KIDS? ARE YOU JOKING? YOU'RE MAKING THIS HIDEOUS REALITY SHOW WHERE THEY CAN WATCH THEIR PARENTS MARRIAGE EXPLODE AT ANYTIME AND NOW YOU'RE WORRIED?

The photo shoot has been inspired because sweet Tori and Dean are about to celebrate 8 years of marriage. sigh.

Well, 7,5 years of mostly bliss and .5 of pure hell. But seems like a great chance for the couple to get to a fancy restaurant so Tori can stare at her food and dab at her eyes. The food looked SO good!! It was prepared beautifully and Dean was DYING to tuck in --- they were uttering a few praises for each other and then Tori took a swan dive into her emotional abyss. Then the food shows up. And Dean is struggling with keeping his eyes on his wife or his incredible meal that's sitting there waiting for him.

During this meaningful meal there's a discussion about a ring for Tori. Apparently, they have a tradition of getting Tori a ring for every year of marriage. It's Tori's dream to present these one day to her daughters for validation that she was loved? Actually, I was so disgusted that I don't remember. She comments to Dean, "don't make it expensive". To be "True" she'd probably be very sentimental over a tiny, trinket that Dean made --- but let's be honest ---- Dean would be an idiot if he didn't show up with the real deal!! That's what .5 of pure hell does ---- time to pay. Think big and sparkly.

Dr. Wexler (aka. therapist to the stars) has both Tori and Dean in for couples therapy. And the whole situation of Dean leaving for his job is the hot topic. Tori wants him to WANT to stay. Dean has a signed contract and they will be sued if he doesn't go. (read: I want out of this circus you b*tch!)

While throwing down some Chineese food one night, Tori touched NONE of it, Dean says through his Kung Pow, "I can't do anything right. I'm damned if I do and I'm damned if I don't".

OK, I'm paraphrasing.

And get this. Tori's career is about to relaunch itself in the real acting world. again.

She and her BFF, Jennie Garth, are going to star in a new show, Mystery Girls. No idea what it's about but you can be sure I'll give you a synopsis. So, she's really pissed now about Dean leaving. Who's going to watch the kids?

I don't want to ruin the episode ---- so just know that T and D went to bed angry and then woke up with lighter hearts and made a decision.

It was so hokey i wanted to throw up. But I'll tune in next week! :)