Meant to tell you that during our beach time on Sunday, William picked up a big glob of tar.

It coated his fingers in big chunks. And as I was trying to help him, I then, also got my own fingers coated in the stuff. I was SO annoyed and kept thinking, "how am I going to pack up all this stuff and get it back to the car (the pretty NEW car) without getting everythig covered in this black stick stuff ?" Not to mention the fact that we still had an hour on the meter and I wanted to make the most of our time at the Beach!!!!

Light Bulb: Lifeguard. 

So, in full Mom-mode, I had to go take myself and William and ask the young, tan, lifeguard on duty if he had any baby oil.  


Then he asked if we had sunscreen. (some sunscreens have baby oil in them).  

Now that I'm looking back on this experience, I'm guessing this guy does not have kids b/c who coats themselves, or their kids, in sunscreen with baby oil in it??  

Anyway, he went back to the lifeguard hut and came out with a bottle of WD40. Sprayed our hands and after some rubbing the tar dissolved easily. Then sprayed more. After much washing and sand exfoliating the tar was long gone --- leaving William and I stinking like the underside of our car. Which was thankfully spared from any tar residue. 

So.....note to self: Beach bag should contain a small baby oil.