Happy Labor Day

Hope everyone is enjoying themselves on this holiday weekend.

We had a great dinner with some friends, Brian golfed while I took the kids to the beach and we also found a new breakfast spot --- the ORIGINAL pancake house in Redondo Beach. 

Wish I had remembered my phone b/c the menu was great  ---- MANY different kinds of pancakes. I tried the cinammon raisen and it did NOT disappoint! There were a few other entries that looked enticing ---- and we nearly fell out of our booth when our order arrived ---- HUGE!!!  

I'm now logging some hours in for work -- boo! 

I have to find a new sitter for the fall, as ours just quit. Boo! 

Pearl's leg is doing much better so together, we're going to get on the health train this fall. 

It will be interesting to see how tomorrow goes with an early morning again!!  

Have a great Monday!! 


What a gorgeous day!

What a gorgeous day!