Product Review --- no. 1


Can you say B-O-M-B ? Because this little cooking/craft pack was one.

First off, rice krispies are not the easiest thing to work with. I always find that when I'm making a traditional batch, I have to work FAST. The marshmellow/butter combo gets very sticky and congeals as you're stirring in the krispies.

But this kit looked so cute --- and tasted like chemicals. It's an "all inclusive" pack. Meaning someone made the marshmellow/butter combo in a lab, packaged it and put in the box. Bllleeecckk. Then I have NO idea how I was supposed to get the sticky krispies into the mold, out of the mold and then make another one.

It just fell apart.

So, then I got the idea to just bag the molds that came in the kit and put the kripsies in a pan like usual. THEN cut out cute Christmas shapes with regular cookie cutters.



I know ---- hideous, monsterous things.

But I thought --- maybe the decorating will keep the kids busy for a while.


Even the icings provided didn't hold well on the krispies.



It would have been salvageable if they tasted good. But like I said, they tasted like pesticides. I tossed them.

Not worth my time or money!!