Candy Cane Lane


For those of you that don't live close by, our neighborhood has one of those streets. After Thanksgiving it's official street name becomes Candy Cane Lane (there's even a plaque!) and every house on the street becomes fully decorated winter wonderland.


This year we walked down with our neighbors and enjoyed a crisp California night while looking at all the incredible lights/décor.


Since I have  yet to meet anyone who actually lives on this street ----- I have the same conversation every year ---- "if you buy a house here. is it in the contract that you have to decorate ?" "where do they store ALL this stuff?" "I guess they never leave their house after 5pm at this time of year."


The street is a dead end and on certain evenings Santa awaits.


Naturally, this is when Brian and I suddenly hear that Emily wants purple boots with a swirl and William wants some toy I've never heard of ---- ?? These items were NEVER mentioned before!!!!! :(