Happy Birthday dear Nicole!!!


A great reason to go to lunch with old friends and celebrate her 35th *cough* birthday!!


These ladies are some of my first friends from Westchester ---- the cute neighborhood we lived in for six years! Nothing makes you closer to people than experiencing your pregnancies and baby years --- so it's really nice to get to catch up every once and a while!!



This was my first time eating at .......

.....looks like they are only in CA right now --- amazing Sushi. It was unbelievable fresh and the blue crab roll was a knock out. Jamie's advice to order the $25 lunch sampler was disregarded by me. But honestly, it's the way to order there. Skylar and I tucked into many delicious Sushi rolls and everything was over and beyond good. But it is a bit snobby. They take great pride in their sushi and don't want to see anyone "muck it up" with extra sauces, etc. I'd say come prepared to spend some money and be a sushi-purist.

I'd also recommend...... freaking amazing. I went there with my friend Lisa who knows her sushi. We sat at the bar and had the most incredible sushi I've ever tasted!

Lisa is a professional Koi visitor and knows the guys by name ---- so she started ordering and my taste buds were in heaven. She also said "Surprise me with something new" ......and wow, did this chef (is that what you call sushi masters?) ever!! A blend of fish with a teeny dab of pesto (I know sounds weird but it worked) and the flavors exploded!

It's well worth the trip to Seal Beach!

I would like to go to a "sushi-off" between the two places and sample everything!!!