Raining! + temptation

For someone who lives in CA this is going to sound strange ---- but I love rain. I always have. I have great memories attached to rain. I'm not saying I'd want it to rain everyday, but as I sit in our family room, listening to the rain on the skylights, it feels very cozy!


And then I start thinking about what's in the refrigerator..........


I've always been a die hard Sprinkles fan. And then my friend, Tracy, showed me the light at a close by Susie Cakes. I mean, seriously delicious cupcakes. Moist cake, rich frosting. Just walking into the store and a Zen-like peace falls over you. The beautiful cakes twinkle in their cases and the magic begins........

And then Brian brought home Casey Cupcakes. A gift from one of his work folks.......


I'm no great photographer, but come on ----- isn't that a work of art? I did smoosh it a bit in my frenzy to hold it!!


And even though I don't like coconut ---- this baby still looks amazing!!


It's so festive looking!! It's a gingerbread/spice cake with a creamy frosting. I just love looking at it!!! See how it sparkles??? I want everything in my life to sparkle like that!!

I think you have to have a cute name, like Susie or Casey to own a cupcake place.......Louise's Cupcakes doesn't hold the same draw. And can you imagine MY silhouette stamped onto the chocolate topper?? EEK!!! Not at this weight folks!

Guess I'll just have to leave it the professionals out there! YUM!!1