Weekend and lip

The weekends are almost as busy as the weeks!!! Gathering kids for all the sports and getting Halloween costumes together and working (that would be me trying to squeeze in 5 or 6 hours on the computer while Brian's home).

I WISH I had brought my camera, or even my phone (left it at home!), yesterday b/c the four of us got a family picture done down at the beach. It was part of a fundraiser for school and since we haven't gotten a picture taken in a LONG time, I thought we should take advantage of the chance!! 

The light was really beautiful and the kids had a great time afterwards --- running and attempting not to get wet. Yeah. Right. 

I also got to spy on a fitness photoshoot ---- I actually think I might know the woman being photographed ---- back in the days when I had a fancy gym membership, she was a trainer.

Anyway, in other news: we had our first trampoline accident. No, we didn't get a big trampolene. A friend is letting us borrow her little one ----- and William's teeth went into his lip --- YUCK!!!


w lip.png