So.....recently I've done some exploring and discovered a couple of cookie decorating blogs! It's a good thing too b/c Emily's theme for her birthday this year is "decorating".

It's also very inspiring to see the creativity. I've definitely been missing that creative spark ---- I've been finding myself sketching and visualizing redecorating the house, etc. 

Last night I made some dough --- I attempted to make 1/2 the recipe, but found that I had cut all the dry ingredients in 1/2 but not the wet (butter, eggs, vanilla, etc) ---- so I had to mix in the missing dry ingredients. *sigh* That's what happens when you're making two dinners, wiping out lunch boxes, signing off on homework and making cookie dough at the same time. 

Anyway ---- here's the website you should check out: 


I hope it inspires you too!!