The Sea Glass Princess

The Sea Glass Princess -- Short Story -- 1240 words

“Can you see her?” my Grandfather whispered.

I squinted.

The early morning sun could not break through the heavy haze.

“Look into the next wave.” Grandfather ordered.

The water was gathering into a swell and gaining speed. The curl formed and white foam tumbled down.

For a split second she was there.

“I see her!” I cried out.

Grandfather laughed and clapped his hand on my shoulder.

The water began receding back into the ocean. She was gone.

“Can we go down and see if she left us anything?” I asked.

Grandfather moved from the deck railing to the open door. I could smell bacon cooking and hear my grandmother humming in the kitchen.

“I think we’ve got a few minutes before breakfast!” He grabbed our jackets and we walked towards the stairs. The sand felt cold and wet between my toes. I shivered.

 “There! There!” My grandfather excitedly pointed.

I saw it poking out from a piece of seaweed. It was a deep green and one of the bigger pieces we’d ever found.