The Birthday Magic

The Birthday Dragon -- Picture Book -- 750 words

“I’d like a dragon,” exclaimed Flint.

“They start fires.” Said his Dad while he continued polishing his Fire Chief Badge.

As his Mom filled a bowl with cat food, Flint said, “I’d like a dragon.”

“Dragons are allergic to cats.” His Mom sighed and stroked Spark.

“Grandma, for my birthday, I’d like a dragon.” cried Flint.

His Grandma did not look up from her card game and in a scratchy voice said, “Ha! Nothing like a dragon to keep you honest!”

Flint looked over at his four year old brother, Hal. Hal shrugged.


The Fairy and Ugly Hat

The Fairy and Ugly Hat --- Picture Book --- 650 words

“Sparkle this! Sparkle that,” muttered the Fairy grumpily under her breath. Her wings drooped and her dust bag felt heavy on her tired shoulder. Her tall, beautiful tree beckoned her home. But no sooner had she settled onto her favorite thimble did the star on her wand begin to blink: 3 URGENT MESSAGES.

Her angry feelings of the day resurfaced.

She twirled her wand in her tiny fingers and cried out, “I’m outta here!”

Poof. She was gone.

Curious Brown -- How Chapter One will start (I think)

Curious Brown -- YA novel -- in the beginnings of a most tremendous adventure

The large passenger ship cut through the water steadily. Curious gripped the handrail as he peered down into the frothing water. The day had started out warm and bright but clouds now covered the sun. The smell of salt was thickening in the air. A random gull screamed out and circled the ship once before chasing after the better weather.

Curious studied the water. The first layer seemed so translucent, while layer after layer became denser and denser. He wondered what animals were secretly peering up at him from the depths.

Curious’s brown hair blew back in the strong ocean breeze. It had been two days onboard and he was feeling anxious. His parents were in the lounge playing cards with another couple. They had a young girl who was in need of medical treatment --- and their trip to London was for the sole purpose of getting her the necessary treatment. Curious had yet to meet her because she was sequestered to her room.

There were a few other children on the ship. But they were either too young, too old or too rich. Curious couldn’t stand being with the arrogant, overly spoiled boys that raced around the deck at top speed and created turmoil on the other passengers.

And to be honest, Curious wasn’t in a jovial mood. This trip was because of him.

He found himself filled with longing for his home in New York. Nestled into the countryside with all the luxuries of home and of course, his friends. But after he had predicted Miss. Sunny’s outcome his parents had been on edge. They exchanged worried looks. They didn’t let him out of their sight.

And then the gypsies started turning up. 

The Sea Glass Princess

The Sea Glass Princess -- Short Story -- 1240 words

“Can you see her?” my Grandfather whispered.

I squinted.

The early morning sun could not break through the heavy haze.

“Look into the next wave.” Grandfather ordered.

The water was gathering into a swell and gaining speed. The curl formed and white foam tumbled down.

For a split second she was there.

“I see her!” I cried out.

Grandfather laughed and clapped his hand on my shoulder.

The water began receding back into the ocean. She was gone.

“Can we go down and see if she left us anything?” I asked.

Grandfather moved from the deck railing to the open door. I could smell bacon cooking and hear my grandmother humming in the kitchen.

“I think we’ve got a few minutes before breakfast!” He grabbed our jackets and we walked towards the stairs. The sand felt cold and wet between my toes. I shivered.

 “There! There!” My grandfather excitedly pointed.

I saw it poking out from a piece of seaweed. It was a deep green and one of the bigger pieces we’d ever found.