Fantasy Cookies

Have you noticed how many amazing cookie sites are out there? Emily and I have a few favorites and check in to see what they are creating --- which are always some incredible feats in creativity.

Who knew frosting could be used so dramatically!!

Nerdy Nummies is a fun one and a friend of mine got to meet her recently!

She's a true YOUTUBE star and making a wonderful living with her "nerdy" treats!!

We tried Unicorn Poo cookies and were NOT disappointed.

These are really fun to make but they are time consuming. Don't thinkyou're just going to bust these cookies out in an hour. We made the colored dough the day before and had it ready to go for our "cooking day". I was glad we did.

Then we began the process of rolling, refrigerating, cutting, refrigerating, twisting, refrigerating, etc. The kids LOVED doing this. And lots of little bites of dough were enjoyed too!

We didn't have the exact kind of food dye that she used. "Electric Pink" wasn't in my food dye collection. I'd say our colors were a little duller than the cookbook pics. Not sure if that was because of the different dye or because of great photography?


These cookies are really yummy. The recipe yields 12. Which is not a lot of cookies for that much work. So, I say make smaller cookies and get 24!

Otherwise I'd give this a big thumbs up and tag it as a fun summer recipe!