Tar Pits

Had a day off from school and took advantage of living in a city!

So....this is a museumyou want to go to on a discount. It's a bit of a rip off. Since we went on a holiday Wednesday, we zoomed there easily and also found street parking --- so no hefty parking lot fee.

You walk through this museum in an hour or less. The fossils are amazing and there are a few fun displays. There's an atrium filled with plants and a koi pond. But it's a waste because there's nothing to do ---- no dinos peeking out of the foliage, no seats to chill out on and no interactive areas. We walked in and walked out.

Observing the fossil lab was interesting ---- I had no idea there were SO many teeny, tiny fossils out there!

In todays world of ipads and electronics this museum didn't do much for me. The kids enjoyed it and the gift shop is where someone spent some time finding fantastic products.....packets of dried crickets in different flavors.......who knew?!! good books, knick knacks, etc. We weren't in the market to buy but we spent some time looking around!

The best part of this place is the large grassy area outside. With, of course, several tar pits in action. One shows how it's being excavated. The kids thought that was pretty cool --- and we could find tools that were being used, etc. Another tar pit had two archeologists brushing off bones and studying items from their pit.

We were able to sit in the sun and have a snack ---- having freedom to run and enjoy the gorgeous weather!!!