Writers Conference

I had a super inspiring weekend this summer ---- it was the annual writers conference for Children's Books. And. I. loved. it.

It's been a long time since I've done something like that for myself and it was worth it!

It was over 1200 people this year! Here's a shot of the main area where there's a stage and we heard the main speakers and panels of publishers and agents discuss writing/writers today.

Then you do workshops or smaller lectures that either focus on writing or focus on publishing, etc.

I found myself gravitating more towards learning the business side --- how to get into the business, etc.

The bad news is that I came away with the message, "Don't Quit Your Day Job". I had no idea it takes TWO years for a children's book to get published!! Yikes! And although no actual numbers were given out, I'm definitely under the impression that it's not a years salary for a picture book.

The good news is that every speaker was dynamic, articulate and witty. VERY inspiring!! And once you start connecting with people and chit chatting; it's hard not to enjoy all the creativity.

And to wrap it all up? the last guest speaker: JUDY BLUME

She was such a humble and shy speaker, but everyone was in awe!! What a successful career!

*sigh* I can dream, right?!