date night

Thanks to our wonderful babysitter who gave us the royal treatment and sent Brian and I out on a date night!!

My friend MaryJo had introduced me to this restaurant in Hermosa Beach, Abigails. We only had drinks there but the view was so amazing that Brian and I swore we had to make it back.

It was SOOOO Yummy!! The Moscow Mule was a little disappointing --- infused with cucumber --- just not the same. But those bread balls were insane! Gluten Free! With honey butter. TO DIE FOR!

I wish I'd taken a picture of what Brian ordered --- a rib dish with peanut sauce --- it was amazing. I ordered the P.I.G. (pig poptarts). Sounds weird, but it was delicious!!!!

Warm bar-b-que surrounded by pastry dough. With a tomato puree!!

Everything is served tapas style, so it wasn't a crazy portion. And we didn't feel over stuffed.

We went for a stroll through Hermosa and out onto the pier. Beautiful evening!

And we even went for dessert and a night cap! Woo-hoo! Living Large!!