A Whale!!

Friday afternoon William and I picked up Emily from school and went to the beach. It was THE PERFECT day --- and we bumped into two families that we hadn't seen in a long time ---- which made it even more fun.

And for the first time EVER we saw a whale swimming by!! He was between the sailboat and the surfers ----- I didn't even attempt to capture him on the camera --- but it was SO exciting!!

All these years here and this is our first whale sighting --- just while we're playing on the beach! I've seen humpbacks off of Cape Cod on whale watching expeditions, which is incredible. But this was no less stunning --- the big guy surfaced with his back in the air and let off his spout! Another Golden California moment logged for the Byrne Family. Thank you CA!!!

Brian got off work early and joined us for a relaxing evening......wooh!