Another cooking goal...

(grrrr...I had this all written up and now I have to start over....thanks lousy Wi-Fi)

Another goal is to learn how to make a great roasted chicken.

I found a recipe that wasn't too intimidating and got to work zesting a lemon.

Just call me Mrs. Patmore!


Using thyme and zest and some herbs, I rubbed the mixture between the skin and the meat.

Then I put more thyme and the lemon into the cavity of the chicken to cook. It really added to the flavor!

What didn't work so great is that I don't own a decent roasting pan, so the bottom of the chicken boiled instead of really roasting in my 9 x 13. I also had to crank the oven up 25 degrees to get a real crispy skin.

Probably would have failed on my first day in Mrs. Patmore's kitchen!


The onions and carrots cooked wonderfully beside it and it tasted pretty darn good!

Now, if I could only get Daisy to help me more in the kitchen! Where is that girl?