Mr. Clean + My Burners

Please ---- I know there's this movement of super natural cleaning products. And I buy some of them. But sometimes, not matter how hard you use your baking soda and white vinegar --- you need something stronger.

I know...I know... what kind of filth am I living in? I don't even know how this got so bad? The other three were much better. (no, really, I swear)

I could only imagine my Mother-in-Laws face if she should ever lay her eyes on this burner.

I got to work.

Ignore the worn, wrinkled hands of a woman whose never had help cleaning her home.....sniff. sniff.

And feel the power of my Mr. Clean scrubber!

woo-hoo!! I mean, it's not 100% there yet, but that's a pretty big improvement, right?

Ok, Ok, I can practically FEEL a few of you needing to jump onto FACEBOOK and post the dangers of Mr. Clean erasers.


Here's what they're made of: melamine foam --- also used for sound and temp insulation.

Here's the site for snopes, which got to the bottom of the b.s. issues regarding  formaldehyde in the eraser:

I'm not saying you should rub yourself or anyone else down with a magic eraser. But this did a great job on my burners!!