Status Report

Yesterday -- William's first full day --- our first parent/teacher/after-school-your-kid-is-in-trouble conference.

Three times he refused to do what the teacher asked. His GREEN card went to a YELLOW. (that is bad)

Apparently it did go back to GREEN by the end of the day. The whole 4.4 hours he had to get through. 


The teacher was very nice, but together we tried to teach him that he can't do that. Etc. Etc. 

On the positive side his card did not go to ORANGE. (very bad) And I live in fear of RED. (the baddest). 

I sit here now, with my stomach in a knot.....hoping that child can make it until 12:45 on GREEN. 

Oh, and Emily ---- not a whole lot of feedback. Seems to like her teacher. Done.