Tomorrow ---- Back to School

Hard to believe that today has been the last day of summer vacation!!


But we're all ready to get that schedule going again ---- and what a schedule it's going to be!! Emily is cheering and Wiliam has already had his first soccer practice. It will be an interesting start. 

I am hoping this is a stellar year, for William in particular. He's so bad at transitional times that I am starting to sweat how K is going to go.  

Emily has a good friend in her class and we met her teacher today. I hope it's a good fit and she enjoys learning.  

I've been trying to design my work schedule to fit in with our new school year. It's such a battle! Working at home has some real perks but it also has it's downsides ---- so we'll see how this fall plays out!! 

Hope everyone is enjoying these amazing changes that are going on in all our homes!!