Divine signs and my gift is here!

Today marks the official "first day of summer vacation". Which I've looked forward to eagerly and with fear. I wanted to get a schedule mapped out for our days and not get sucked into too much TV. I was successful with having playdates for each child. I bombed wihen it came to not watching TV. Having to sit in front of my computer while I had two kids whining about how hungy they were, how thirsty, they just wanted to watch a show, they were tired, they didn't want to go outside, etc, etc. UGH!

It is next to impossible to answer e-mails with two kids hanging over you!! So I turned on the TV

I feel as if I'm always scambling to keep my head above water.  

I've really, really struggled with balancing work and Motherhood. I will fully admit it is much, MUCH harder than I had every anticipated. And I haven't thought Motherhood by itself has been that easy!!

At the park today I met a woman who was watching her Grandaughter for the day. She came up to me and sat down and said, "I remember being a mother of young children. I loved it but there were times I felt so empty. I could never understand why I was always so tired. It wasn't like I was jogging! I was just constantly moving and doing all these things for my kids." 

I just about fell off the curb I was balancing my butt on ---- honestly, I wondered who on earth had sent this woman over to me because she was literally reading my mind. 

 "Did you feel that it was worth it?" I asked. (I was referring to the sacrafice of staying at home vs. following a career path, but I didn't need to explain that --- she got it right away)

"Oh definitely. But you have to take care of yourself. It's so important." She told me. 

"It's so hard! I want to carve 30 minutes out for myself, but I sometimes can't even do that!" I lamented. 

"You HAVE to! You just have to." 

We chatted for a few more minutes but I honestly thought I might see her beam back up to heaven. It was such a spot on conversation.  

Balance. Putting the oxygen mask on yourself first so that you can rescue everyone else." 

Well ---- one "sign" a day is something but TWO signs --- my Mother's Day gift arrived. 


how to read into this??? 



Bring it on!

Bring it on!