For months, maybe even a year, my friend has been telling me about this amazing product called Nerium. It's a lotion that was originally tested as a skin cancer cure --- but it didn't do that; instead it had a healing affect on scars. So, naturally, someone bottled it and started selling it. My friend swears that it has worked really well for her. She says her friend, that introduced her to the product, makes great money selling it and that I should talk to her about it. Months later I spent the night at a friends house and noticed her roommate had a bottle of this magic elixir sitting on her night stand. I begged to open it and try it but I was not allowed.

So....I called.

Oh naive me.

Oh weak me.

Oh poor me.

I couldn't resist. You know I love skin care products. I have visited Ponce de Leone's fountain in Florida --- you may know it as "the fountain of youth".

And I had a very exciting discussoin about the company with my new Nerium friend. She was very positive and energetic about the company. How amazing the founder is and how they are "changing lives". But I couldn't get her to give me any details. Everything was elusive and she wanted me to hear it from her directors before she went any further. She sends me a magazine that's published by the company so I can read all about it. She sent me e-mails with some video clips of before and after shots -- how the miracle cream makes such drastic changes.

At this point I can't understand why there isn't a 1-2-3 step example of what you have to do to sell this product. Why isn't there any real information in all this stuff? So I head to Google:

"It smell like something between ball sweat and ear wax".

"Oh God, the smell."

Just two of the quotes I discovered about the product.

In short --- this company is a direct sales company An MLM (multi leveling marketing). And in no way am I saying this is a bad idea --- but it is NOT for me.

The entire design of Nerium's business plan is to get people to work under you ---- similar (if it isn't entirely) a pyramid plan. The more people that work under you, the more profit you make from their sales.

Rarely is there actual informatoin on how the sales of the PRODUCT is doing --- and every time I tried to ask, "who do you sell to?" the conversation was always brought back to getting others to sell under you.

There are LOTS of very postiive messages on the internet about Nerium, but there were one or two very well written, obvioulsy well researched articles on this company. Some of the you-tube videos are actually great to watch --- does no one think about what is going to show up behind them in a video? I don't want to see your crappy decorating -- please put up a curtain or blank wall --- not your shabby sofa or office space that's all cluttered! I have my own house to look at!

Ok --- so long post. But just letting you know that you may find yourself being recruited someday --- and you should do your own research ----- but don't call me to work for you!