Santa Barbara

The Zoo

This is my first post that really embodies the "worth every penny" theme.

Brian decided to take this week off of work --- he's going to catch up on a few things and we also wanted to take a few days to enjoy to some much needed family time. Funds are tight so going away for a few days (hotel costs, etc) were just not an option.

We settled on trying out the SB Zoo! Which we found lovely! It's intimate ---- and I'm not just trying to say small. It is small, but really caters to children. The kids didn't seem to mind that it's size doesn't compare to our zoo in Los Angeles. They loved the open green spaces, fountains and play zone. The Giraffe feeding and train ride were highlights and I'd recommend if you're driving all the way there. When we entered the zoo we paid for everything up front --- $77 for a family of four (2 adults and 2 kids).

And it was worth every penny!