Santa Claus on our street


One night we waited, and waited and WAITED for his appearance.

Then we heard the "whoop, whoop" of the police car and the police officer announcing that Santa was one block from our house!


You can't ask for more than Santa to show up on your driveway!!


There have been many times this year I've gotten a little lump in my throat over just how magical these ages are......and how fleeting the moment. I've tried my best to just absorb every memory and experience so that I can think back to these days of Santa and Christmas Magic.



But as I dry my eye, I wonder where my other child is.....and why she isn't participating.

Why am I not getting this beautiful picture with both my angels ??

Um......moody meltdown anyone? Emily sat on the front porch sandwiched between the front door and the screen door saying she "just wasn't into it anymore".

All the neighbors are out with kids ranging from 6 months to 10 years old. Smiling, chatting, and laughing.

William was having the time of his life and I'm trying to snap pictures and yell (in a nice, Christmassy voice) to Emily to join in the fun.

It's never easy.