1st Grade Christmas Sing + Party

Em's class did their sing ---- and it was AWESOME!! The songs were upbeat and fun and the kids had lots of hand/body movements. They were grinning and laughing through the entire performance!


Then it was time to celebrate the holiday in Em's classroom......


Every table had an activity ---- I was at the "measuring" table ---- where the kids had to determine how many marshmellows, pretzels, twizzlers, etc would fit into and around a paper gingerbread man.

It was a learning exercise with fun, yummy treats. All of which the KIDS could NOT eat!!! It was torture for them!! And it was really funny to watch some of them try to sneak bites!!!

I'm going back to the cookie decorating table next time!!


this is what the typical cookie looked like ---- they all had moustaches which I thought was hilarious , gobs of frosting, and all types of candy! And below, is Emily's cookie ---- it made me laugh with the green. flowing hair!!!