Judement + The Moon


I have been reading a book that came at the perfect moment. It's called The Untethered Soul and It's kind of a self help book. Sort of new age-ish. Oprah was talking about it one day on the radio and the small portion of the show I heard resonated with me.

I am a believer that God (or the Universe...) is always trying to tell us something.

So, on my way to LAX, Brian and I dropped W off at school. (E was already there by that time) And while I was waiting, one of the before-school caregivers was waiting with the kids-who-have-two-full-time-working-parents. She's never made conversation before and since she's not one of the parents I hadn't made much of an effort to get to know her.

I leaned over and told W how much I'd miss him and that I'd give him and E a call or FACE TIME.

The woman leaned over and said,"I used to date a man who lived in another city. We used to talk on the phone and look up at the moon together. We were both looking at the same moon, even though we were in different places."

I literally almost asked if she also wrote poetry in her spare time. It was such a beautiful and sweet sentiment.

Then, a few days later, I was so annoyed that there was traffic in my lane......there was a car broken down at the light and it's owner was standing on the street with a cell phone to her ear. I don't know if it was the look of her car or the look of her, but I was still annoyed ---- even though this woman was dealing with a very stressful situation. I had somewhere to BE!!!!

I look up at the closest store front and the giant sign says "GOODWILL" ----

Ok, I get it. Loud and Clear.