Summer, Play and Work many's been a wonderful summer for about 85% of the time. I've had playdates for the kids, we've been swimming A LOT, we've hit the beach, we've visited friends, we've been to the library, worked on workbooks, cooked, hosted family, etc, etc.........and for the most part the kids have been great. They each got to go to a camp that fit them perfectly ---- pictures to come.

The remaining 15% I've been pulling my hair out. It's me trying to find balance. And there are days that I do a good job. But more often, I'm feeling frustrated and grumpy. The job, the endless e-mails, the constant organzing of stuff, the conference calls, etc.....being interupted every time I try to work with the kids around is pure hell. And I think the kids feed off that stress vibe by getting LOUDER and more HYPER. As soon as the phone rings and I get on a work related call it seems that's the time everyone needs a snack, to sing their favorite song at the top of their lungs and drop the heaviest toy they own. I made a HUGE mistake by not scheduling a few more activities.  

But I was trying to be conservative financially and also, be ENGAGED. I feel that this is a special summer --- before my "baby" is in elementary schoool!!  

But then  you have days like today ---- where I just had to get work done and no one could babysit for me --- so the kids watched tv, played computer, ate --- I have no idea what ---- and stayed in pj's until noon. Followed by me walking out the door and finding the plumbing clean out had exploded (again) and pooh and toilet paper are in the front yard. Followed by a plumber and landord coming over for a quick fix. Followed by a friend who is about to renovate their house who popped in to show me some plans, etc. Followed by three important phone calls from customers. Folllowed by a swim playdate that was wonderful but also a little crazy to add to my already crazy filled head. I'm kind of over trying to chat and listen to a good story while being interupted a hundred times by my kids or someone elses! 

Wondering if I'll ever get to train for the 1/2 marathon I've signed up for --- needed a goal --- b/c my caloric intake is a reflection of the stress.

There are 20 days left before the kids go back to school and I am laying out some goals for the Fall --- hoping some child care witll fall into place so that I can buy more time "at the office".

Hope everyone is having a more balanced summer!!